With a little help from my friends ðŸ’œðŸ’œ


On this bumpy seat of your pants ride there is one thing that can make all the difference. Friendship. The kind of friendship where you can be exactly who you are, say exactly what you think and walk away feeling lighter. 
I have those kind of friends.
I won’t say we lost friends. I will say we just grew apart. In life that happens it’s the natural cycle of things as we leave a job, school or interest. We lose touch with friends. 
The loss came from my side because of the frustration of listening or reading on social media about people complaining about the small things. I used to watch my daughter go through night after night of seizures and when someone got upset about their child’s earache. I really struggled to not want to swear at them and tell them how incredibly lucky they were. I know this may hurt some of my friends but the hurt for me was very real too. 
The loss came from my friends too because we couldn’t make social gatherings or we had to reschedule one to many times. Or their lack of understanding of what this new life was like. Our world and their worlds were now so totally different.
I wouldn’t wish this life on anyone and the old adage of walk a day in my shoes is true with friendship and the ill health of your child. So I get why others don’t quiet get it.
I joke with friends of mine about how we should be talking about the latest movie released or about the shoes or clothes we rarely get to go shopping for. No, our chats include talking about life, the universe, wooden spoons, medications, therapies, specialists and how bloody hard this can all be. Then we laugh and laugh about the silliest things and use pretend voices,swear or laugh at totally inappropriate things. 
The reason I am able to write this blog today of all days is because of my friends. They are the glue that hold me together and stop me from ending up running down the street naked (but if I did end up doing that I know they would join me).

My life will forever be entwined with the connections I have made through the epilepsy community. My life is richer because of the connections I have made. 

Ragdoll Mumma Zoe xoxo

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