Big Girl Pants

Pants are over rated, in particular “big girl pants”. Had a bad day, time to put your “big girl pants” on. Some days big girl pants just aren’t going to cut it. Some days running around pantless is exactly what you need to do. I encourage screaming incoherently so that others understand why you are pant-less. It just lets them know that you have lost your mind and it’s going to be pointless trying to find it.
The days where you have had a therapy appointment and five phone calls. Four of those trying to fight for things with school, one with a neurologist deciding on your next med option and managing all the other things you normally do. (Note normal is overrated) Food shopping, cooking, driving kids around, paying bills, filling in forms, working, trying to Dr Phil everyone in your house to keep them sane and cleaning your house that resembles something like what occurs in the monkey house at the zoo and of course don’t forget the seizures or trip to hospitals on top of all of that.
Those are the days that you feel like the pants are on tight and your muffin top is over flowing. Those are the days you wonder how the hell you manage it all.
We all know the saying for this one “Well we have no other choice”. It’s true there isn’t any other choice but in your head you can picture yourself with Magic Mike taking those big girl pants off and dancing on the stage with him (Note to self must watch Magic Mike 2) or you can picture yourself taking off said pants and strangling an ignorant person.
In reality those big girl pants are super glued on from the day that your child is diagnosed and no amount of peeling at the edges of them is ever going to get them off. Your stuck with those pants.
But always remember to be prepared for any occasion where you can drop your pants. Make sure you wear suitable underwear something easy wash and that travels well. By travel I mean looks suitable to run down the street screaming “I can’t do this anymore”.
To all the mummas out there I would like you to celebrate those big girl pants that get you through each day. Many people wouldn’t know how to wear your pants. Those pants may have been made in Italy and you bought them in Holland but those pants are what is keeping your child going.
Now I am off to wash my big girl pants and give them an iron to fight another day.
Ragdoll Mumma Zoe

Pants on and Proud of it

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