Fathers Day

If you are a father or a significant male in a child’s life. Father’s Day is a time to recognise the important role that you play. If the child you love has Epilepsy your shoulders are weighed down even more. I wanted to say thank you to all the dads. For all the things that you do that so often go unrecognised. 
To the nights and days you spend cuddling a sick child or sleeping with your child to make sure you catch a seizure if they occur. Thank you.
To the calls you receive when your child goes to hospital and you know your job is to make sure we have an overnight bag and anything we need and make sure our other children are okay. Thank you.
To the days and days where you just want to fix your child but you can’t and you research or support our research and think nothing of spending a night discussing medical articles. Thank you.
To the life that you lead, you are often the major breadwinner and how hard it must feel some days knowing that this job is more important than being with your child because financially you are keeping your family afloat. But all you want to do is be with your family. Thank you.
To the shoulder you provide for us to cry and vent it out. You take in our sadness and often don’t show your emotion but just hold it together so we can fall apart. Thank you.
To the work you do around the house so that our focus can be on helping our child. Exhausted we all are but you still help wherever you can. Thank you. 
To the mental health issues that you face just like we do and still do all that you can in your deepest darkest days. Thank you. 
To your steady and calm nature that helps keep our families whole. We thank you all.
To the pa’s and grandfathers who will drop everything and be there when ever we need you. Thank you.
I know sometimes it takes many of you a little longer to come around to a new diagnosis or dealing with the grief and shock and trauma of seeing seizures. But we still know that you love your child unconditionally and only want the best for them you just need a little more time. We Understand. 

For all the single parents out there who are doing all of it by themselves. You Rock

Ragdoll Mumma Zoe


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