Did they really just say that?

Dac's Mommy

Have you ever stuck your foot in your mouth?

Wished you could take back the words as soon as they

tripped from your lips?

Your brain seemed to have gone haywire and you mentally cringe

because you know you have said the wrong thing.

Can you get a rewind or a freeze frame please?

The answer is no. So what can you do for your

Faux pas?

You apologize.

It does not mean that person is going to forgive you.

Maybe never but it is a start to repair the harm or hurt

feelings you have caused.

For instance. I made a faux pas once of assuming a stranger

i encountered was pregnant and asking when her baby was due.

She glared at me.

” I am not pregnant!”

I thought

“Well chick, you better not shopping in the Maternity

section. “baby on board” means impending child, not that

you are the babe.”

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