Breathing Lessons

Dac's Mommy

I have finally learned to breathe.

It took a long time to get here. I started

holding my breath as a small child when something hurt me.

It somehow carried me through the pain.

For instance if i scraped my knee and it bled, i would

hold my breath and my knee at the same time until the wave

of pain subsided.

I liked to see how long i could hold my breath under water in

the swimming pool as a kid until my lungs started to burn and

i would thrust upward and burst the surface panting for air.

Despite what people advised, when i started laboring with

my first child i held my breath with every contraction. There was

no panting dog breath in me.

I was going to fight it tooth and nail.

When my daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease called

Tuberous Sclerosis i held…

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