Warrior Beads


So yesterday I received my warrior beads. This is a project started by Chris who is on a website called http://www.1boy4change.org   Unlike some projects this one is open to any adult or child with any type of condition or illness. It’s away of documenting your medical journey so that you can see everything you have gone through. Personally seeing each bead gives me the strength to continue my fight. As your journey continues you can apply for more beads and continue documenting this journey.


These are my beads. They represent the past 18 months of my medical journey. I could only think back to about then. below is the beads I have and a look into my medical journey

54 doctor visits (dark blue + 1 blue giraffe)
16 days bed rest (tan)
74 A&E visits (red + 2 drum beads)
47 ambulances (white + 1 large glittery bead)

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