Dear Mum, you’re doing enough.

Wow what a great post
You’re doing enough

Give the boy a chance

Dear Mum
I see you as your thoughts drift back to the unvacuumed home, the overflowing wash basket and the unmowed lawn whilst the faint redness that rims your eyes and the slight puff beneath them belie the lost sleep whilst tending to bipap machines, feeding tubes or a child who, unable to self settle decides to start his day at 3am.
But as sure as ABC Kids starts at 5am, the dust will blow back in, the clothes will get messy again and the lawn will keep growing. Those chores are not a measure of your worth, no, that beautiful measure is in your arms, perhaps beside you in their chair, loving you and trusting you.
You’re doing enough.

Dear Mum
I feel the tinge of guilt every time you drop your kids off at childcare, kindy, school or respite and, for a moment, you feel a weight of relief knowing…

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