We Are the Special Needs Families

Dac's Mommy

Who endure sleepless nights.
That are hit, bitten, slapped, punched and kicked.
That are puked on, peed on and even pooped on.
That cry and are afraid.
That do not feel like we can go another step.
That watch our children have seizures and feel so helpless.
That worry what the future holds.
That nurse our children through the myriad of health problems that come with this diagnosis.

That feel helpless but not hopeless.

That wonder why life is so unfair.
That have to plan every day and every outing like it is a mini vacation.
That never get to go on vacation. Sometimes not even out to dinner and a movie.
That have lost friends.
That are sick of the stares and rude comments.
That deal with autism and mental handicap.
That wish someone would just offer to help.
That wish someone would understand.
That sometimes feel like we…

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