Victor or Victim



Chatting to a mate today and we were discussing how we all muddle along in this journey. We vent and then get on with things but sometimes it can become so much about us that we forget about the kids who are going through this crap arse journey with Epilepsy. 

It’s good to be reminded that however shit our day may have been that our kids do it 20 times worse than we do and how lucky we are to have our health and our full faculties to make the decisions we do for our kids. 

My language has changed and my thought processes have changed too. I go about things differently and it’s a bit hippy but I have learnt to be a lot more mindful of the good moments for myself, my family and especially Lizzy. 

I am teaching her to forget about yesterday, do not concentrate on tomorrow but just live in the moment. I can actually be a real bitch about it with her too but I do it because I don’t want her playing the victim I want her to be the victor and I want her to see that our whole family are victors not victims.  

Activity every night for Lizzy will make her stronger not weaker and she proves that over and over again. 

PS it’s okay to cry, to scream, to rant and vent it out but at the end of the day we are still showing our kids how to live their lives as they get older and as adults we have a responsibility to show our kids that we are warrior parents and they are warrior kids. 


Ragdoll Mumma Zoe 




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