Perks of being Chronically Ill (NOT)

be brave brain

So often I hear “You’re lucky you get all that you do because you’re sick.” or “its just because you’re sick.”

I’m quite use to them statements. I have even gotten them from family.

But Lucky- I don’t  call it Lucky.

If you call getting trips to the emergency room every other week with hook ups to fluids for hours on end till your vitals are Stable- then theres Lucky.

#2 OH another good one is not being able to get out of bed in the morning because your not sure if your head is going to meet the ground, dresser, or if you might just land on your butt. Now, if you land on your butt- thats lucky. If Its your head, well- we need to go back to perk #1.

#3- Not having to make a co-payment at Doctor Appointments anymore because they know you’re a frequent flyer…

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