Pediatric Neurology

Amanuensis Sobriquet-Reverie

My bear, cub and I
drove to the Pediatric Neurologist today.
Late as usual.

I had to beg to be seen
she had a small seizure in February
They squeezed her in.

My cub has epilepsy
She is glorious and happy
but has some developmental delays

Today that was confirmed by
the head of Pediatric Neurology

She should have been walking before now
She should have been talking before now
She should be more steady on her feet

She is my gift
I get up to hear her baby babble
and see her smile

I have taken advantage of the in-home visits from nurses
Since she was born. Always a smile on her face.
Delightful, but there was a question of delay

She walked on her knees for months
She would not get up and walk
She walks now, but gets tired quickly.

The new house has more room to

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