EEGs over easy 

The Other Side of Usual

I started off the weekend getting hooked up to my firstelectroencephalogram(EEG) experience. It was a Friday the 13th, so what better way to start than by looking like a robot, and trying to induce a seizure at any given moment? It was also my son’s Doctor Who themed lazer tag birthday party. What can I say? I know how to do things right.

Since my brain surgery, I have experienced a few seizure-like episodes under stressful situations where I have tremored, turned purple (as my son witnessed), and started to black out. As a precautionary measure, my neurosurgon wanted my neurologist to perform an EEG test over the course of several days, to see if I could self-induce another incident and determine if the seizures are related to the healing from my surgery. Apparently, when neurons fire over scar tissue (as my case mAy be), they totally flip out…

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