Choose Your Epilepsy Words Wisely

Changing Focus: Epilepsy Edition

“Never say anything that couldn’t stand as the last thing you ever say” –Auschwitz Survivor

I have some serious questions. Questions I don’t think many stop to ask before they get diarrhea of the mouth. Before they start to make jokes about someone’s illness, before pure ignorance starts to flow from their lips. Ready?

1. Is it funny when the person you love is told the dreaded words “You have cancer”?

2. Do you laugh when you see someone grab their chest when excruciating pain hits and blood is no longer reaching the heart? Your loved one is suffering from a massive heart attack, is this funny to you?

3. Are you walking around imitating your friend, uncle, grandmother having a stroke?

I bet the answer to all of the above questions is a big NO. Then why the heck do people feel its okay to poke fun and laugh…

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