“Epileptic” by Definition?

In Megan's Shoes


Writing about my journey with Epilepsy gives me the privilege of sharing my small story and receiving the encouragement of others- both friends and strangers- all with such big hearts. I received a message from a woman with whom I went to high school and it turns out she has Epilepsy as well. I never knew; she never had a seizure when I was around, and I didn’t start having my seizures ‘til I was in college, so there was never a platform for a connection until now. Her message said this:

“I like what a neurologist told me one time in his office. There were a lot of kids and I said ‘all of these kids are epileptics?’ He said ‘They’re not epileptics. They’re kids with epilepsy. We don’t define them by it.’ I notice a lot of referencing to you being an ‘epileptic.’ You aren’t. You are Megan……

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